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Thought and language- another book to absorb.

On the road to becoming a well read cognitive science connoisseur,  I’m adding Lev Vygotsky to the list of authors I’d like to read. I only came across him after checking out another wordpress blog which was associated with an earlier post of mine, “The language of thought-revisited.” According to Teacher Jay, Vygotsky was a genius develpmental psychologist whose theories relate to the connections between thought and language (Duh) which discuss how langage develops, how a child’s intellect develops and how these two processes are inter-related.

I read some more of Doing without Concepts this evening and realized that I was dead on with thinking that it was going to be relevant somehow. The intro was sloooow, dreary, and I got tired of hearing him outline what it was he was going to do, and where (in the volume) he was going to do it, over, and over, and over again. I almost thought it was going to be complete rubbish to read, as it sounded TOO technical and almost robotic in its format, kind of like the way a second grader learns to format sentences? extremely simple and formulaic. Well, anyway things started clicking as I continued to read- and am drawing connections between what Dennett is talking about in Kinds of Minds, Fodor is talking about in LOT2 and this guy Edouard Machery is rambling on about already…so hopefully i can get some money to BUY this book soon, by the time I finish the introduction on my Kindle 🙁 .$40’somethin bucks aren’t flying thru my pockets to spare on leisure reading anytime soon, especially after the Backo job the holiday season did on my bank account. Lame.

So, Join Lev Vygotsky to the fray( Thought and Language), and maybe I’ll synthesize something new out of the collaborative project three authors already have going on within my brain at the moment.

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