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Subjects of Research- Attentional agency and percept actualization

Questions I’ve been wondering whether any headway has been made in the understanding of their mechanisms will be collected in a Category of their own. This is the first post of that category.

I’ve been wondering recently whether anyone has seen or heard about reserach into how attention is directed?

With the flood of sense data our brain has to filter, I’m curious about what and how the element of conscioussness which allows us to selectively focus on any singular component of our environment functions. How do we selectively “tune” into the salient features of our complex experience? Are there disorders of the kind whereby people lose this ability? I’ve heard that Autism may be considered a disorder of this type, where the senses become overloaded. Has anyone drawn the link between selective “attentional agency” and Autism and furthermore, derived some understanding of how this functions in the normal individual?

I’ll be looking into this.

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