CogniFit’s blog: Neuroscience Study Sheds New Light On Where Creativity Originates In the Brain

The science of creativity is on the top five list of research interests of mine. It’s long been understood that the right hemisphere of the brain is where most of the imaginative and unstructured thinking takes place, which is why it’s thought of as the dominant hemisphere of creatives. However this research highlights the role of the left as well as the right in creative thinking. I rarely subscribe to a one part does all philosophy when talking about the brain, or nearly anything in biology. My approach and attitude is to take a more integrated and holistic evaluation of systems. This study just highlights to me that eliminative reductionism can never account for the complete picture.

It has long been believed that the right hemisphere of the brain is used for creativity while the left brain provides the logic and math. However, new information has researchers suggesting this may be less than true.

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