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I’m an example of the typical New Yorker in many ways; having been raised here makes that come easy…but there’s a lot that makes me different.

I have scholarly and artistic interests, and by looking at my digital fingerprint you can find examples of both. The blog here focuses mostly on the scholarly,  the scientific, and the philosophical interests that motivate me.

To understand a little bit about my motivation, it helps to know that I believe the wide gamut of experience isn’t accessible thorough just the senses alone; and so I think a valuable part of human experience also depends on moments of introspection, or reflection. The unexamined, non-reflective mode of existence allows access to a limited piece of reality.

Maintaining a balance of living an examined life, and living in-the-moment is one of my interests.

Perhaps this is why it only makes sense that I express myself artistically through photography ; the medium that reflects these principles. The photograph is created to represent an element of the immediate physical realm, but it also serves “us” in stirring the realm of the imagination, enabling us to reflect deeper than that moment in time allowed.

Scientifically, I want to understand the mechanisms that inform our decisions, in both the emotional, and with the higher cognitive processes. For this reason, Cognitive Science and Philosophy have been fields of study I gravitate toward. I look at nearly everything and question what mechanisms form the basis of our perceptions. And I want to know how our cognitive biases influence that perception.

In studying and reading philosophy for a number of years, a number of things resonate with me. For instance, it’s clear that what at first appears to “us” – from the inference of that spot on the wall to be a bug –  to the feeling that we were just slighted in a social setting – often sheds more light on our own inner workings, than what may really be out there.

As someone who loves the scientific process enough to pursue a career in it ; the role of epistemology and the problem of subjectivity are salient talking points to me. I think that the psychological dimension of human experience , and the exploration of it, must co-evolve alongside the body of (neuro) Science so that we are able to recognize our limitations, and remain intellectually honest.

If you’d like to email me you can reach me at carlosthomas.01[at]gmail[dot]com

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