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5 things to work on in 2010!

I’ve been shooting with the Canon EOS system for a little more than a year now, and yep I still love the hobby some 20,000 pictures later. It has been something to remark, to perceive the difference in the images I take, the inspiration in them and my reason for taking them over the year. All of that is good and cheesy, but we’re still on the road and a year from now I will look back at this and wanna vomit…

I just want to outline at least 5 ways I want to develop artistically in 2010, looking toward a new decade.

1. Take Family Portraits, GOOD ones!

I realize the paucity of family shots I have in my library and want to turn that around…our family doesn’t seem to have an archiver anymore.. I remember being younger, having so many albums around enabling me to look into the past…and somewhere along the timeline, we stopped taking photos! Madness! No more in ’10.

2. Venture into Event photography.

Other than the occasional gathering amongst my friends, where I’m allowed to take all the candid shots I love to take, I want to begin doing things on assignment, for some part time profit, and why not? I think I have enough passion in the art to be paid for it, and if not now, when? I spent quite enough of my earnings on all this equipment over the past year..maybe I can earn some of its worth back!

3.Shoot at least 1 wedding.

This overlaps with #2, but I know that I will have the chance to do it at least once this year. I am taking part in a wedding sometime this year so I will most def get the chance to take photos, 😀 – can’t wait.

4. Actively work on an artist portfolio.

Because nobody will pay you for anything, if they cant see an example of your work, and the best of it.

5. “365 project”- one photo every day for one year, starting TODAY.

I want to be forced into the mode of scanning for photographic opportunities, even under the most quotidian circumstances.

6. Use more of my 50mm f1.8 lens.

It really makes photography exciting seeing what that thing can do, so its time to get back to more of that.

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