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via Primates’ social intelligence overestimated: Primates groom others if afraid they’d lose fight.

Just commentary:

Now, the suggestion that we far too easily ascribe rational behavior to animals that don’t really deserve it has been made by Daniel Dennett for a very long time- the case he argues in Kinds of Minds– which I’m a commute away …

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Cell phone exposure may protect against and reverse Alzheimer’s disease.


If mobile phone radiation is a plaque buster, or is somehow protective against Alzheimer’s disease pathology… then I wonder just how ELSE it is affecting our biology ? ? ?  If there really is a neuroprotective effect, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a cost somewhere …

By Carlos -

So here is my first co authorship published scientific paper!

It came out inpress on the same day I was presenting it with the other co author at the Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago.

Titled: Dietary composition modulates brain mass and solubilizable A Beta levels in a mouse model of aggressive Alzheimer’s amyloid pathology and published …